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At AA Steel, we use Chrome Moly (Cr-Mo) for applications involving pipe and pressure vessels for refineries, power plants and chemical plants are exposed to higher temperatures. Chrome Moly steels are also used in industrial boilers, valves, flanges and fittings, and reactors again, where higher temperatures are encountered. API 934 sets strict standards for Cr-Mo steels, and our products meet those requirements when used for heavy wall pressure vessels (exposed to high temperatures) and high pressure service where hydrogen might otherwise cause various adverse effects on the material.

Products and Grades for Utility, Power and Cement Applications

We supply various grades specified for utility plant, power plant and chemical plant uses. Each grade is specified according to the requirements of the application and the environment in which it must operate. These include:

  • SA-387 Grades 12, 11, 22, 5, 9, 91. These grades are most commonly used in power plants, refineries and chemical plants where there are elevated temperatures coupled with lower corrosion concerns. They can be delivered in either class 1 or class 2, normalized and tempered, or quenched and tempered. Where the environment is more severe, these grades may be supplemented through API 934 testing.
  • SA-204 Grade A, B, C. This grade of carbon/molybdenum steel is primarily for refinery and petrochemical applications, in particular for use in custom pipe, fittings and pressure vessels where the temperatures are within the moderate range. The addition of molybdenum strengthens the steel and allows it to maintain structural stability in high pressure environments.
  • SA-515 Grade 60, 65, 70. The high chromium content of these steel plates provide superior resistance to corrosion. They are primarily for use in boilers and pressure vessels. In dilute hydrochloric acid, they also resist pitting. They are also used in middle to high temperature vessels
  • Duracorr®. This is a stainless steel product with a reduced nickel content and a dual-phase microstructure that consists of a mix of Austenitic and Ferritic steels. The product takes the positive characteristics of both to achieve high corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties. Weldability is also good, and this steel does well at low temperatures. It is particularly effective to counter stress chloride cracking and pitting corrosion.

Specialized Steel Products for Refineries, Power Plants and Chemical Plants

American Alloy Steel offers a host of steel grades for use in power and chemical plants, as well as in refineries. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Learn how our wide variety of products will meet those needs and surpass your expectations.