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Offshore Construction

Many of the offshore construction projects are for oil and gas drilling beneath the seabed. This necessarily exposes the materials used in the construction to salt water, strong currents, as well as strong winds. As a result, the construction materials must be corrosion resistant, strong in several dimensions, and able to withstand the elements in deeper and colder water. This is increasingly important as the search for resources extends further and further into formerly inaccessible areas.

In order to combat the potential threats to an offshore project, our offshore steel products offer the following important features:

  • Toughness and strength;
  • Superb weldability;
  • Resistance to vibration and torque;
  • Resistance to cold cracking and brittle fracture; and
  • Durability and toughness in the welding seam.

American Alloy Steel products for offshore construction are regulated by the American Petroleum Institute. In some applications, they are also regulated by the United States Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. This ensures that we are providing you with the absolute best steel plate for your offshore project, meeting the standards of all relevant agencies and other parties.

Types of Steel Used in Offshore Construction

We provide our customers with various grades of steel for offshore construction, depending upon the particular application involved. These include:

  • API 2H 50. This grade is considered the work horse for offshore construction and is produced using a process to give the material a uniform structure that avoids excess softening. It has excellent weldability and includes columbium (niobium) to aid in stability. This grade is commonly used for offshore platforms, supports, and piles, and in tension and moment sensitivity environments.
  • API 2W 60. Where impact and fatigue are of particular concern, we supply grade API 2W 60, high yield structural plates. Through the thermomechanical control process, this grade yields steel with high strength, toughness and formability. Weldability is enhanced by low carbon content, and the material is resistant to cold cracking. This high tensile steel is optimal in construction of offshore drilling platforms, ship hulls, ship repairs, and various components of these applications.
  • AH 36 – DH 36 – EH 36 / 40. These grades are supplied primarily for construction of structural segments of nautical equipment used in shipbuilding. They are higher strength products to serve the needs of the structural components of ships, barges and similar items.
  • API 2Y 60. This grade includes steel used in applications that require impact resistance and the avoidance of lamellar tearing/cracking beneath the weld. It is excellent for use in specific critical sections of offshore platforms and other offshore structures. Our process for the formation of API 2Y Grade 60 ensures uniform temperature control and distribution. Tempering enhances the strength level of the plates.

Supplying Steel Plate for Offshore Construction

Given the rigorous requirements of strength, durability and resistance to the elements, American Alloy Steel provides steel products for use in construction of offshore platforms and other marine applications. If you would like to discuss how our products can meet the needs of your project, contact us for additional information.