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API 2Y 60


This grade is very similar to API 2H 50 in both it’s make up and it’s applications. API 2Y 60 is quenched and tempered and has a 60,000 minimum yield. It is used in offshore platforms and structures where additional strength is required to resist impact and fatigue concerns.


Specification API 2Y
Grade 60 Q & T
Type of Steel Carbon
Requirements for Delivery A6, A20
Tensile Strength (ksi) 75
Yield Strength (min. ksi)
(Yield Point if designated YP)
t 1 in. 60-90
t 60-85
Spec. Thickness (Max. in.)
Chemical Composition (%)
Carbon (Max.) 0.16
Manganese 1.15/1.60
Phosphorus (Max.) .03
Sulfur (Max.) .010
Silicon .05/.50
Nickel (Max.) 1.0
Chromium (Max.) .25
Molybdenum (Max.) .15
Copper (Max.) .35
Other Elements *
Heat Treatment Required Q & T